I studied and learned everything

Good Afternoon Mark,
Hello, how are you? Thanks for taking the time to email me. I, like you said, am an extremely active person! My Business keeps me focused on my goals and dreams but I also take time for my Lady and her goals and dreams. I constantly have to balance my personal and professional goals and every aspect of life in order for me to succeed in any Endeavor. In your first Neothink Heirloom there are chapters on Mini-Day Schedules for both your day job or F.N.E.’S  as-well-as your personal time. All require a certain amount of focused attention and timed devotion. This will help your days go by quicker especially when working at a job you don’t like. If you learn to appreciate that even though it is not your favorite job or Boss to work for many Billions around the world are not working or are struggling to find jobs! Be grateful to have a job or any job and you will feel better instantly. Most people don’t appreciate what they have until it is gone!

Mark, please remember what is worth-while takes time. Many successful Artists, Business Professionals, Sports Stars, Film and T.V. Actors, and Music Stars have struggled to the brink of poverty or insanity before breaking out into stardom! What they all have in common with you is the desire to not let anything stop them from reaching their dream of success. Like you, they had to smile and kiss the butts of customers at their day jobs. They like You, had lonely times coming home to empty apartments with no one to greet them with open arms and questions like ‘how was your day?’ They, like you, had screamed, cried, and wondered why/how long do I have to keep scraping along the bottom before I make it to the top?

Guess what Mark, I have also gone through everything and worse that I have described above for what seems like an Eon! I had Parents, Teachers, Co-workers, Bosses, Friends, Girlfriends that weren’t supportive or think I was crazy for Believing, Thinking, and Feeling that I was meant for Greatness. But I also had many that shared my Passion/Obsession. All that mattered is what I Alone Believe, Think, and Feel. I didn’t wait around for a big break or opportunity to knock on my door or for my phone to ring. I went out and did everything to learn and master my overall knowledge of Music, Movies, T.V., and Business. I went to Music seminars and conferences, Business courses and workshops, joined local cable stations and learned about T.V. production, filming, editing ETC… I took up speech courses to see if there was a difference in stage presence in the Business arenas then there was in the entertainment arenas. I went and watched and performed at many talent shows like you, Mark.

I studied and learned everything I could on all the subjects of the entertainment industry. Not just in front of the camera or on the Mic but everything behind the scenes too. Especially how to run those Businesses and make them run smooth and efficient! Many of those things I mastered was voluntary so I didn’t get paid to do them. It mattered little to me I was doing and learning what I loved. I did much of these things before I turned 26 years old. I was 32 when I joined Neothink 9 years ago and was pleasantly thrilled to read in the Heirlooms I was mastering My F.N.E’S long before Neothink discovered Me . Our life experiences make us better and our struggles make us more resolute. Even an undesirable job has helped many (me included) to pay for studio recording time and other goals.

March, Remember You contacted Me first, I didn’t contact You. You have everything you need to be A Superstar! I didn’t look for external authorities to help or motivate me even through the darkest chapters of my trials and tribulations. With Or with Out Ron G, Mark Hamilton, or anyone you will succeed! The Neothink books, conference calls, and clubhouse events are tools to help you to help yourself. They are all examples of learning to master the basics of your skills. These are no different then what I sought to learn and experience before turning 26.
They are here for you!

I am no long living in Florida as I mentioned. I have and continue to live outside the United States for many months out of the year. I have not focused on Music or on the Entertainment industry for several years now and I manly focus On Business and Property Development.When I find downtime I co-host the Sunday Arts Call which is where you found me.

If you haven’t already heard, the Florida Neothink World Summit was Canceled. I don’t know when I will be free to attend another live event but I encourage you to attend ones in other states. Many Artist on the Sun. call talk about and plan to perform at upcoming locations. I encourage you to ask where, when and mention that you would like to sing. You never know who might see that recorded and posted online performance. It may be the break you seek!!! (Remember God helps those whom help themselves) In Neothink we say take full responsibility for everything good or bad in your life and know that you have power over both! Either way if it is to be it is up to you alone!
Until We talk and meet!
Take Care and never let anyone steal your Joy
Ron G.